About Us

About Queer Digest


Queer Digest is run by the same people who bring you the LGBT Podcast Your Queer Story. We have spent multiple years researching, covering, discussing, educating and bringing awareness to all parts of the queer community. By building Queer Digest we are able to further expand our reach to provide daily content for our community.


1. Educating as many people as possible on the queer community.

2. Making members of the queer community feel comfortable in their own skin.

3. Assisting our community in the fight for equality.

4. Sharing the stories of as many members of the community as possible.

5. Empowering people in their daily lives.

6. Spreading the stories of the members of our community who have been erased from history.

7. Providing an online support group for people who need a safe space.

8. Sharing links and information to resources that are beneficial for members of our community.

9. Ensuring our content is all-inclusive so that everyone in the queer community feels at home on our website.

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